Learners of the Week ending 22nd March


Heidi - We have been really impressed this week with your focus in maths. The chunking method of division isn't always the easiest, but you have persevered and worked very hard. The end result is that you have done very well, and you're now ready to move on to the bus stop method. well done. 

Isabella - Isabella is a quiet member of the class, but she isn't hiding away, she's getting on quietly and thoughtfully with her work. Not only this, she is a great friend and can always be relied upon to do the right thing. Keep up the good work Isabella.

Special Mention

Michaela - We have been really impressed with Michaela's hard working attitude towards her maths in particular this week. Well done, keep up the good work.



Lily May B - Lily is always really focussed in class; trying her hardest to produce work that is the best she can do. She always listens to her teacher’s advice and this is something that we want to encourage her to keep going! She is conscientious, kind and caring towards her peers and this has been noticed by other members of staff. Well done, Lily May!

Olly C - Miss Steele and Mrs Curnow have been really impressed with Olly this week and for the last few weeks. His attitude has improved and he now has a positive outlook towards his work. Yesterday, in particular, Miss Steele was pleased to see how focussed Olly was in both his writing and Maths - well done and keep it up! 

Special Mentions

Seb B & Noah F - Both of these boys are down as special mentions because they are showing lots of resilience towards their work in class. Miss Steele was impressed with both of these boys yesterday- they showed real focus and determination. Well done boys!



Ryan J - Ryan has had a great week. He has shown perseverance in class and has worked hard on his writing. He has also made an effort to join in and participate in lessons, especially maths, where he has had his hand up more and tried hard to further his learning.  

Benjamin - Benjamin has blown me away with his writing this week. He has made a special effort to speed up and get his ideas on the page, making sure that his writing is well developed and interesting. He has produced some fantastic writing without much prompting. In addition to this, Benjamin has shown a determined attitude with every other lesson this week and has  impressed every adult that he has worked with. 

William – William has worked so hard on his writing recently, especially this week. He has been really focused on his presentation and I have seen a huge improvement with his handwriting.Keep it up William and you will soon have your pen licence! William has been joining in with lessons and has been engaged and actively participating. 



Cruz - for showing the virtue of enthusiam this week. We are all so impressed with a piece of homework that Cruz brought in on Monday. He had used the homework grid from our Florence Nightingale topic and chosen to create a plastic bottle dolly. It is superb and we love the originality. Cruz has also shown enthusiasm for different lessons this week and we have seen him very animated and looking like he is having a great time at school. He is so enthusiastic with money in Maths and his hand has gone up a lot! He also thoroughly enjoyed Miss Kenchington's PE lesson on Wednesday and was very engaged. Keep it up!

Riley - for practising his determination this week in relation to his handwriting. Riley is in Miss Kenchington's handwriting intervention and we have seen huge progress in a matter of weeks. We were both so pleased on Thursday when he came back from the group and was attempting to join his writing. He is becoming more aware of the position of letters and is forming them correctly. Keep up the hard work, Riley!



Ollie P – for his enthusiasm in learning, particularly in Maths. His face lights up when he is about to start his lesson, he trives ot get ot the three star challenge and often completes it. Well done Ollie, keep up the hard work.

Emilia – for her determination to improve her spelling. Well done, you are doing a great job and making us all proud.

Special Mention

Ollie H – for his orderliness in his handwriting this week. Keep up the neat writing Ollie, it is amazing!