Learners of the Week ending 21st June


Charlotte - For having such a positive attitude to her studies.  Charlotte always tries her best in all areas of the curriculum.  She is hard working, and is able to work well with others which is a great skill.  Charlotte also works hard at home, pushing her learning further by doing extra homework. Well done Charlotte. 

Isabella - Poor Isabella has been struggling with a very painful/sore hand. At no point has she used this as an excuse to get out of doing work, in fact the opposite, she hasn't really mentioned it at all.  We all love your no-nonsense approach. Well done for being so brave and always trying your hardest. 

Special Mentions 

Henry - it has been a real pleasure to see Henry's confidence grow over the last few weeks.  He approaches his work with great thought, always wanting to do his absolute best.  Keep it up Henry, you're doing a great job! 

Luka - Congratulations Luka for joining our class after Easter and just getting on with it.  You never make a fuss, you just work as hard as you can.  well done for being so adaptable, keep up the good work! 



We have struggled a little bit this week in the Penguins class with listening and following instructions - think perhaps the magic maths has been far too exciting.  However my learners of the week are 2 girls who always behave impeccably and can be trusted to always listen to the instructions given.  These 2 girls always show respect to the adult listening and then work so hard at all they are asked to do.  My LOW of the week are Caitlin and Lily.  Well done girls, keep up the good behaviour. 



Leo - Working extremely hard during maths week. Leo has worked on perseverance this week when problems have been challenging and also a big well done in your explanations this week whilst problem solving. Leo also always displays superb behaviour in lessons. 

Zachary J - Working hard at home with his homework. It was lovely to see you show your work in front of the class this week. Keep this up Zachary, your hard work is paying off. 



India - for showing the virtue of commitment this week to her Science lessons. We are learning about animals and their habitats, India is so focused and eager to share what she knows. Mrs Timpson referred to India as a fountain of knowledge. Keep up the hard work.  

Isla - for showing the virtue of determination this week with regards to her handwriting and presentation. Isla knows that this is an area that she needs to work on and is trying really  hard to join up and make it look super neat on the page. Well done Isla.