Learners of the Week ending 20th September

22nd September 2019


Chase - for always trying his best and making a huge effort to raise his hand to answer questions and make suggestions.  We're really proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself forward with your learning.  well done. 

Ethan J - for being super sparkey, always listening and raising your hand to make suggestions or answer questions. You are hardworking and thoughtful in your approach to your studies, well done and keep it up. 

Special mentions 

Ashton - for being super mature and getting on with things when there may be other things distracting her. 

Jowan - congratulations for a super week. You've had a brilliant week, you're much more focused and hard working, keep it up. 

Lucy - for being a star, always working to the best of your ability.  Please share your brilliant ideas with us more. 



Sienna - an incredible friend this week who showed real care, support and kindness to another member of the class whilst they were finding a situation tricky. Sienna not once did you think about yourself, instead you did everything you possibly could to help another person stay calm and showed real patience. Such a kind hearted thing to do. 
Thomas - has demonstrated really high coaching skills to his peers and demonstrated how he can support others to enable themselves to get unstuck without giving away the answer. Thomas you have great patience and show a real love for learning. 

Rory - Rory has settled into Year 3 extremely well.  He takes everything in his stride and is always ready to listen and learn.  This week he has really impressed us with his mathematical thinking skills and problem solving to recognise place value of numbers up to 100 in a code.  He worked logically and demonstrated great perseverance to look for patterns.  Keep up the great work Rory! 

Rosey - Rosey has impressed us this week with her focus and positive attitude to learning.  She has been listening very carefully this week and has applied herself to all tasks, trying to complete them independently.  She has made some very good contributions to discussions in Literacy and was very confident with her phonics during a reading session.  Well Done Rosey! 

Special Mentions: 

Lilly - for showing kindness to her peers.  

Oliver K - for presenting a well researched WW2 powerpoint presentation to the class in a very confident manner.  He clearly worked very hard on this at home and has inspired others in the class to have a go at making their own presentations. 



Anna - is a fabulous member of the dragonflies class. She is always challenging herself and determined to do her best. She sets a shining example to those around her and is always ready to learn with a smile on her face. We look forward to seeing everything you achieve this year with your fantastic attitude! 

Jack P - has been trying really hard on the carpet to join in with his learning this week. He had to go home poorly last week and has tried hard to catch up on everything missed. He has shown great perseverence and diligience, trying hard to meet the challenges on his whiteboard independently and ensuring he is focussing on his learning. Well done Jack. 



Jasmine – for practising the virtue of commitment. She has tried so hard this week to follow our class rules and has tried her best at all times. Well done Jasmine. 

Maisie – for showing joyfulness. Each morning Maisie comes in with a beaming smile that stays all day. She is always so happy and is a pleasure to have in our class. 

Imogen – for joyfulness and helpfulness. Imogen spreads joy everywhere she goes. She is a popular member of our class due to her kind and caring nature and has been extremely helpful this week in supporting her friends.