Learners of the Week ending 1st March


Verity - For working hard across all areas of school, particularly making more effort with sport. Well done.

Michaela - Since joining Parc Eglos you have been a joy to teach. You are hard working, resilient and conscientious. Not only this, you are a good friend to others. Thank you for being a valued member of our class.

Special Mentions

Hazel - We're all super pleased that you were swimming again this week, well done. 

Charlotte - For working hard, and having a positive energy and attitude in class. Well done.



Lilia P - Lilia is a great role model for this school. She is hard working, resilient and always does her best. In particular, Lilia has really grown in confidence with her writing and has listened to all advice given to her to continue improving the quality of what she has written. Lilia should be proud of her achievements so far in year 4, because Mrs Cotterill and Miss Steele are very proud of her.

Oliver W - Oliver is also a great role model. He is trustworthy, determined and is showing a great responsibility towards his own learning. Oliver should be congratulated this week, particularly with his writing, where he worked diligently to ensure that the report that he was writing included all of the elements required of him plus some extra features. Mrs Cotterill and Miss Steele want to say well done! Keep it up, Oliver!



Liam - for his confidence in PE this week. Liam really came into his own during our outdoor PE lesson. He tried so hard with skills such as dribbling the ball through cones and also dodging items that had been put out on the playground. He takes on board every skill that I teach him during these sessions and is getting better all the time. He was also very naturally talented during our basketball workshop on Wednesday with Paul. 

 Gracie and Callum - for their diligence and perseverance. Both Gracie and Callum have shown a huge commitment to their work in Year 2 by doing so much extra work at home. Both of them have been working on their Year 2 suffix ending words and they have absolutely smashed their latest spelling check. This can only have happened due to their hard work and their dedication. Well done to you both. 



Lilly - for practising her self-discipline over the past few weeks. We've all noticed how hard you've been trying Lilly, keep it up.

Ollie H - for his joyfulness. If anyone is feeling down or stressed you can guarantee that Ollie will put a smile on your face. Thank you for always brightening my day Ollie!