Learners of the Week ending 18th October

18th October 2019


Noah - This week has been a tough one for Noah, he knows why.  we are all really proud of how he has coped this week and has been really positive.  Well done, keep it up.

Olly LW - Olly could be a pupil of the week every week, you are so hard working you should be very proud of yourself.  The reason you are here this week is because of your presentation. It's fare to say that the idea of a presentation is not your idea of fun, well you were amazing!  You did so well Olly.  You are so much better than you think!

Special Mentions 

Harrison - for coping so well with you broken wrist, you've not made any fuss.  Well done.

Tyler - for having a brilliant half term.  You've worked so hard in class and enjoyed your play and lunch times with friends.  Well done.



A big well done to all of The Wise Owls this half term. They have all transitioned well into key stage 2 and really settled well. There is such a positive attitude in the classroom and they are all keen to learn.  We are very proud you all and we love seeing your positivity and curiosity in learning new information. Keep up this positive attitude towards your learning.



Jasmine – for practising the virtue of commitment. She has tried so hard this week to follow our class rules and has tried her best at all times. Well done Jasmine!

Maisie – for showing joyfulness. Each morning Maisie comes in with a beaming smile that stays all day. She is always so happy and is a pleasure to have in our class.

Imogen – for joyfulness and helpfulness. Imogen spreads joy everywhere she goes. She is a popular member of our class due to her kind and caring nature and has been extremely helpful this week in supporting her friends002E



Jorgie-Bea has been showing the virtues of courageousness and perseverence. She has found some things quite tricky recently but she hasn’t given up and we have been really proud of your resilience to keep going. Well done for trying to keep that positive attitude! 

Seb H has been showing the virtue of enthusiasm. He has worked so hard in his maths this week and we have been really impressed with how quickly and confidently he has been able to apply his understanding of the 10 times table to solve number bonds problems. Great work!