Learners of the Week ending 18th January


Isobel & Teegan - For going that extra mile with their maths this week. Using the 'bar model' to help with word problems has not been easy, but you two have persevered and been resilient. As a result you have understood the challenges set. Well done.

Special Mention

James & Jessica - For 'nailing it' with your maths this week. Just brilliant.



Jenson - Jenson has worked hard in both Literacy and Numeracy this week. He is now having a go at all questions even if he is unsure of the answer and is developing a more resilient attitude in class. The presentation of his work is beautiful and it shows that he is taking a lot of pride in his work- well done, Jenson!

Caelan & Oliver - Both Caelan and Oliver have been focusing on their written methods for division this week in maths and have shown a great understanding in this area. They have become so confident that they now independently choosing the more challenging questions- both Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele would like to say well done for showing this resilience and want them to keep up the hard work!



Aimee - Aimee is an absolute super star in class.  She is consistently doing the right thing and always works diligently to ensure her work is neat and orderly.  It has been a pleasure to look at her work, and her books are a super example of year 3 expectations.  Well done Aimee, keep it up.

Andrew - It has been a real pleasure to work with Andrew this week.  He has become much more focused, especially in his maths work.  We have been looking at our times tables this week, and Andrew has shown a good understanding of multiplication and has enjoyed finding his multiples of 4.  His books have been much neater and his confidence is soaring.  I really hope this continues.  Great work Andrew.



Cruz - for his curiosity in topic and science work this week. Cruz has really shown great focus and attention this week, resulting in him being very curious and answering lots of Science related questions.

Kensa - for her confidence in Miss Richards' maths group this week. Kensa remembered how to complete the universe operation and wowed us all with how speedy she was! She is growing in confidence in Maths all the time.

Special Mention

Emily H - for focusing so hard this week on her learning behaviour. She has been the first one with listening ears and looking eyes. Keep it up!



Evie - for her committment and reliability. Day in, day out Evie can be relied on to be making the right choices and being the best that she can be! She always works hard, she lines up quietly, shows orderliness on the carpet and continually helps others wherever she can. Thank you for being so super Evie!

Isobel - has impressed me this week with her commitment to her learning in Maths. We have started to look at multiplication and Isobel has been determined to succeed. She hasn't given up, even when it has been hard. Keep it up Isobel, we're very proud of you.



Leila & Isabel - Confidence & helpfulness- We were sorting shapes using Venn diagrams this week and both girls showed great levels of confidence when explaining how they had sorted their 2d shapes. Leila and Isabel were able to help others to sort their shapes into the correct sections of the Venn diagram. Super problem solving!

Eurwyn & Sam - Perseverance & Flexibility- The boys showed great perseverance when sorting 2d shapes. They had to place their shapes into three sections of a Venn diagram. At first this puzzled the boys, however, they persevered and talk to each other changing their thinking as they went. Great team work boys and you did it, well done!