Learners of the Week ending 17th May

Sorry, missed the chance for a picture in this week's KS2 Assembly - Mr H



Jamie and Michaela - both Jamie and Michaela are fairly quiet members of the class, who get on with their work quietly. This week we have been really impressed with their collaborative learning. They maturely discussed the English we were learning about, and worked through the set activity thoroughly and with great care. Well done you two.

Special Mentions

Aaron and Megan - for similar reasons to Jamie and Michaela. I really enjoyed listening to you discussion the English activity and supporting each other with the work.

Isobel - Congratulations on your presentation homework this week. Your confidence is growing with each homework piece, well done.

Mariana - Congratulations for producing a wonderful presentation. You clearly worked very hard on your research, and presented your findings with confidence. Well done.



Oliver M – Oliver is always ready to learn and sets a brilliant example to his peers. He is sensible, trustworthy and friendly. Oliver tries his best with all learning activities, even if he finds them challenging and has been more involved in class discussions recently. Well done. 

Benjamin H – Benjamin has been trying harder this week to complete his work in a timely and independent manner. His work on perimeter showed good understanding and problem solving. Keep it up.

Special mention

Lottie – for a fabulous homework poster on how to look after your teeth, linked to our Science this term.


Year 3

WE would like to award all Penguins and Wise Owls this week as Pupils of the Week. This is because whilst on camp the children have all show superb bravery and courage as individuals and in teams. For some people this was taking part in a new sport which they may have been anxious about, sleeping over for the first time away from home, trying something new and really showing fabulous virtues which they have been learning about throughout the year. Well done year 3. We look forward in you continuing to share these virtues back at school.  



Riley - for showing the virtues of determination and concentration this week. Riley has produced two indepedent pieces of writing and is really focusing on his handwriting. This is something that Riley has not always found easy and he has worked in an intervention group to help him improve. He is now so determined and focused to make his writing neat and tidy, we are so impressed with his progress in this area. 

Liam - for showing the virtue of confidence in Maths this week. During all of our practise challenge papers and our fluency lessons, Liam has been so confident with his methods and strategies. He is able to draw things to help him solve calculations and I am so proud of how far he has come. Keep up the hard work Liam!



Alfie – for helpfulness. We have spent some time this week looking at past challenge papers and in stages we had to work with partners. His partner was not as confident with same money problems and Alfie was fabulous at heling his friend to draw their understanding which meant they could solve the problem. Thank you for being a kind and helpful friend Alfie.

Issy – for her resilience this week. It’s been a bit tricky for Issy because she had to start her challenges earlier than everyone else. Sometimes she has had to work in a different room or putting up with background noise. But this has not fazed Issy, she has approached them with enthusiasm and has done herself, her family and me proud. Well done Issy!