Learners of the Week ending 16th November

Apologies for the lack of a picture this week, we took some great pictures of KS2 this morning for this page but when I tried to take them off the camera this afternoon it was empty. Findings inconclusive, likely user error but not ruling out the possibility of ghosts - Mr Haslam



Lucy – Joining in during Guided Reading really thoughtfullyAlso, yesterday she stood in front of the class and demonstrated how to round numbers to everyone. 

Imogen – Trying super hard with her writing this week, she does not always find it easy and has shown a lot of determination to keep trying, well done! 

Special Mention 

Elsie – Elsie is always pushing herself with her writing. 

Poppy – Redrafted her Gelert writing twice and showed real determination to produce her best work. 

Isobel – Trying really hard to work with and offer support to those around her. 



Aaron - It is a delight teaching Aaron, he is so full of enthusiasm and curiosity, always asking questions and trying to work out why and how things work. Aaron has settled well in to year 5 and is enjoying the challenging work, he's always pushing himself further, wanting to succeed. In science we are learning about the rotation of Earth and how it orbits the sun; Aaron went away and made his own motorised model! We are all so proud of you Aaron, keep up the great work. 

Jamie - Jamie is a quiet member of the class who is very able but doesn't always share his thoughts and knowledge with the rest of the class. It has been wonderful to see this gradually changing over the past few weeks. Keep going Jamie, you have so much to share. Well done. 

Special Mention 

Olivia - Congratulations for becoming our council representative. Olivia takes it all in her stride, going to meetings, talking to visitors. You're perfect for the job, well done. 



Joseph Cantwell: Joseph has shown some excellent skill in Science this week. He is able to use key scientific language to support his observations and takes great care in his diagrams and explanations. This is indicative of Joseph across all subject areas and we want to acknowledge this hard work and diligence. Well done, Joseph! 

Libby Wear: Libby is a respectful, conscientious and hard - working member of our class.  She can sometimes struggle with confidence but we are impressed with her resilience and the effort she is putting in to overcoming those anxieties. Libby is a model pupil and should be congratulated in everything she has achieved so far this year. 

Special Mention: 

Thomas Harvey: Although Thomas Harvey has been struggling with parts of his times table over the last few weeks, he has shown great resilience and bravery in asking for help and practising them at home. In fact, he put in so much hard work, he then got 24/24 in his next test. Well done, Thomas! We are very proud of you! 



Izzy and Finley - It was very hard to narrow down the virtue that could be bestowed upon these two to just one, as they are often demonstrating numerous virtues at a time.  I can rely on both Izzy and Finley to be listening carefully, try their hardest at all things and be willing to share their ideas with others.  It has been a real pleasure to see how much these two have grown in confidence in a very short space of time too.  Keep up the great work. 



Lewis - for being a focused and diligent member of the class this week. Lewis has tried so hard with his behaviour this week and has had some super positive days. He has practised his virtues of orderliness and diligence. He completely wowed me with his efforts in independent writing this week. Keep it up.  

Gracie - for always being an absolute pleasure. Thank you for being such a wonderful Dragonfly.  

Special mention for Stanley - for really trying hard this week with putting his hand up on the carpet.  

Stanley is a very excitable and interested member of our class and sometimes finds it tricky to put his hand up on the carpet and give other children a chance to speak. This week he has tried so hard to follow all of our rules and I would love to see this continue into the rest of this half term.  



Eloise and Olivia are both my learners of the week for their developing confidence, courage and their determination to excel in their work. Every day they work hard to do the best that they can do, even when it is tricky, they never give up. I’m so proud of them, well done girls keep it up and you will fly! 

Ella is also my learner of the week for her reliability. Ella is a super role midel for her peers, she works hard, she’s kind, she always makes the right choices and is an absolute pleasure to have in my class. Well done Ella, keep being amazing!