Learners of the Week ending 15th November

15th November 2019


Rosie - For completing your first week at Parc Eglos! You've done a brilliant job, well done. 

Jack - You are a superstar!  Every day in every lesson you are there with a wonderful smile on your face eager and keen to learn.  It is a real pleasure teaching you Jack, keep up the hard work. 

Special Mentions 

Eve - For being a super friend to Rosie this week and helping her to settle in. 

Jowan - For working really hard in the classroom this week.  You have done brilliantly learning about negative numbers, worked really hard in our yoga session on Monday and produced a wonderful persuasive letter in English! Good work! 


Wise Owls 

Ollie H - for turning around his attitude towards his learning. After Mrs G had given Ollie some advice Ollie has taken this on board and taken responsibility for his learning. This week has been very engaged and focused with his learning and managing distractions well. Keep up the hard work Ollie. 

Aaron - Showing a real interest in discussions this week and working hard on in purple polishing his written work during literacy. As a class we have really enjoyed some of your fascinating facts. 



Joshua - for showing purposefulness. Joshua has worked amazingly hard this week in his learning, really impressing Mrs Williamson with his writing on Thursday afternoon and taking pride from spotting alternative spellings showing his understanding of phonics. He has also been applying himself in his maths learning and is enjoying challenging himself. Well done Joshua. Keep up the positive attitude to your learning! 

Millie - for her determination. Millie has been working hard on her spelling and was able to choose the correct graphemes for writing some difficult words in phonics this week. She has been thinking about which type of punctuation she needs to include whilst also remembering to take care with her presentation and handwriting. A wonderful example for the class, well done. 


Leila - Leila is Learner of the Week for her diligence in maths and literacy this week. She has consistently worked and tried hard to achieve. She has done some lovely writing and solved some very tricky calculations. Well done Leila, keep it up!

NoelNoel is Learner of the Week for his determination to succeed. It's been pleasing to see how hard Noel has worked this week in both Literacy and maths. Well done Noel, keep it up!