Learners of the Week ending 15th March


Georgia R - For always being a hard working, fun, sensible, conscientious, enthusiastic, kind member of our class. You really are a credit to your family and the school, we're all so proud of how you conduct yourself all day, every day.

Aaron T - You are working so hard at the moment Aaron both in the classroom and on the playground. You are trying so hard to make the right choices and you are succeeding. You should be so proud of the young man you are turning in to, I know our class is really enjoying your thoughtful contributions and having you as a great friend. Keep it up Aaron, well done.

Special Mentions

Meah H & Olivia M - For working particularly hard on their last piece of Independent Writing, you've both really impressed me. Well done.



Thomas H - Thomas is POW not just for the effort he has put in this week, but for the very noticeable improvement in his attitude in class, his focus and the confidence he is displaying- specifically in maths when using his times tables. Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele are very pleased with his progress and hope that he keeps this up! Well done!

Lily C - Lily is also up here, not just for the work she has produced this week, but for the resilience and determination she shows every week. Lily always does her very best and presents her work with care and thoughtfulness. Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele are particularly impressed with her writing and hope that she continues to gain confidence in herself- we all believe in her! Keep it up!



Noah – I was very impressed with Noah’s mature attitude towards his science this week. We were discussing the diet of humans and animals, and how some are carnivores/omnivores/herbivores. Noah was explaining about his family’s personal choice of food and also showed a good understanding about how the human body works and why other people choose to make different choices. It was lovely to see Noah so engaged with his learning and so actively involved in our discussion.



Ember - for showing the virtue of respectfulness. Ember is always paying respect to the adults in the classroom and she tries her best no matter who is in charge. Yesterday she had a fabulous SPAG lesson with Miss Kenchington, her knowledge was amazing and she blew us all away with what she could remember from previous lessons. 

Emily T - for showing the virtue of confidence. Emily really stepped up in Maths and SPAG on Thursday and participated really well. She put her hand up to volunteer to draw 3/4 of a number on the flipchart. She showed careful sharing and we are all so pleased with how her confidence has grown over this week. 



Rory - for practising the virtue of interity this week, alongside the virtue of courage, when he spoke up to defend a friend. He was very honest and explained with confidence, well done Rory!

Olivia - for practising the virtue of commitment. I have noticed that Olivia is determined to work towards doing the best that she can do. Her commitment to improve and progress is outstanding. The hard work is beginning to pay off Olivia, keep it up!