Learners of the Week ending 15th February


Daniela - For being a great friend, showing understanding and forgiveness.

Special Mentions

Morwenna - For showing determination, wanting to join in with PE lessons despite having been off with severe asthma recently.

Ross - Work working really hard to remember your phonics when writing your suspense story.



Rayann - Rayann has been showing a lot of resilience this week both in his Maths and Literacy. He is now challenging himself and becoming much more independent when trying to move his learning forward. Mrs Cotterill and Miss Steele are very pleased to see this- keep it up!

Libby - Libby is a mature, kind and conscientious pupil. She works hard and this week has shown a determination - especially in her maths. She is now attacking more challenging tasks with excitement and doesn’t give up until she has succeeded- Well done, Libby! Keep it up!



Darcy - for her creativity, creating a fantastic piece of Egyptian jewelry at home and writing a newspaper article recording the moment Howard Carter found the steps leading to Tutankhamen's tomb. She is always on task, focused and diligent.

Connor Connor is a quiet member of our class but he consistently produces amazing outcomes, his written work is imaginative and his newspaper report was also exceptional.

Special Mentions

Marley - for his newspaper report.

Riley - for his work in maths and perseverance with doubling and halving.

Jenson - for applying himself in maths, recognising errors and self-correcting, well done.



Sienna – for showing determination to improve in all areas of learning. She is eager to do her best and is always looking for feedback on what she can do to achieve more. Keep up the good work Sienna.

Ollie T – for his enthusiasm. Day in, day out he always has a huge smile and will approach each task with joy. His enthusiasm toward his learning, both at home and at school, is a pleasure to see.

Issy – for her perseverance. This week Issy has been trying so hard to improve her spelling. She has listened to my feedback and it has been lovely to observe her persevering at improving her spelling skills. Well done Issy, keep it up!

Florence – for her commitment to her learning. It has been lovely watching Florence over the past few weeks turn into a confident learner in both Literacy and Maths. Her commitment in wanting to do the best that she can is amazing, she is determined to achieve! Well done Florence.



Kensa - for her confidence, diligence and focus in Maths. Kensa is part of Miss Richards' Maths intervention group and is shining out as being the person who is really taking on board the help and support. This is then coming across in her daily Maths work and she is having a go, getting more things right and really blossoming as a Mathematician. 

Riley - for showing such diligence yesterday in his Literacy work. Riley works so hard on his handwriting and presentation. He followed instructions so carefully, as a result of this he produced a fab piece of work on expanded noun phrases. Well done Riley.