Learners of the Week ending 14th September



Beth and Meah

For always doing the right thing and working to the best of their ability at all times, an excellent start to the year.

Special Mention - All children

For settling well to the new school year - a brilliant start, well done



Oscar - Oscar is an engaged, hard working and enthusiastic learner. He has impressed us this week with his great listening and conscientiousness. 

Ella -  Ella is someone else who is so hard working and enthusiastic about learning. She continued our maths 'problem of the week' at home and came in with a super explanation as to how it worked - great reasoning Ella!

Special Mention - to the whole class, for making a wonderful start to Year 4 and behaving really sensibly during sailing yesterday.



Jory - for practising the virtues of diligence and respect. Jory has settled into Year 2 so well and is always doing what is expected of him. He is showing the upmost respect to both Mrs Eddy and Miss Richards, following the rules and being ready to listen at any given moment. He has shown diligence in his work this week, both in Literacy and Maths. We are very proud of Jory this week and hope he continues to be a shining example to the rest of the class. 

Ember - for showing the virtues of respect and kindness. Despite being very quiet, Ember has shown so much respect this week for both Mrs Eddy and Miss Richards. Ember can be relied upon to be doing the right thing at the right time and is setting a good example to the rest of her friends about how to behave. She is also proving to be a very kind member of the class and is always looking for ways she can help people with their learning. 



Rosey - for practising the virtue of courage this week when she had to be extremely brave even though she felt scared. Well done Rosey, we are so proud of you.

Isobel P - for showing the virtue of enthusiasm in everything she does! It is a joy to see her enjoying her time in year 2. Well done Isobel, keep that positive mindset!

Rory for consistently showing the virtue of orderliness. Rory can be relied on to show his friends across the school how to 'polish' this virtue and is a pleasure to teach. Well done Rory, keep it up!



Anna H and Ashley K

Both Anna and Ashley show fantastic confidence in their new roles as Year 1 Dolphins. Every moment since they first walked through the door, they have shown confidence in having a go with every task laid out before them, confidence in sharing their thoughts and ideas in every new piece of learning and exploration – and confidence with trying their best to behave in the manner asked of Year 1 children. Well done to both of you!

James Mitchell

James has been particularly impressive with the manner in which he has found and grown his confidence in the few days of being a Year 1 Dolphin. Like most children, he began a little bit unsure and nervous, yet – day by day – James has taken control and become evermore confident. His hand is now always up to share his thoughts, he proudly shows his efforts with learning to an adult, and he behaves confidently and sensibly wherever he is in the classroom. You are a wonderful inspiration for others to follow, James, and you’re clearly going to have a great year. Well done!