Learners of the Week ending 14th June


Ryan J has shown great determination and perseverance and is really proud to have completed the times table sheet he has been working on for the past few months. We hope this resilience and enthusiasm will filter through into other areas of your learning Ryan. Well done - Keep it up! 

Luke has shown fantastic enthusiasm for our NFER tests we have been doing this week! His confidence and diligence have really shone through, particularly for our numerous maths papers! It is wonderful to see you applying yourself Luke and challenging yourself.  



Tommy - whilst working on a maths challenge this week Tommy put into practise what he has been learning this year. He took his time, read the questions with care and ensured he went back and checked his answers. Because of the care Tommy took with his maths work he achieved full marks. We are super proud of you in taking on all the advice you have been given when problem solving.

Phoebe - Works hard in all lessons and shows perseverance in lessons. Phoebe always tries her best to present her work to a high standard and to her best of her ability.



I could choose all the children for their resilience and perseverence during the NFER tests, they really have surprised me with their positive attitude towards them.  Please can you make sure they know how pleased we are with them all.

I chose my two pupils simply for bringing fun, smiles and enthisiasm to the classroom.  It is always lovely to have children who wish you a good morning, respond brightly when asked a question and seem to always be smiling.  At this time of the year it is easy to feel bogged down by all the hard work and assessments taking place, so I enjoy being able to share a joke and a giggle with these two. They lift everyone's mood with their happy demeaner and positive outlook.  Keep smiling!



Lilly for practising her courage this week. She has been extremely brave in the lead up to today and I’m very proud of how she is dealing with our Shine Bright in Yellow day. 

Megan for showing joyfulness this week. She approaches every task with enthusiasm, she’s always happy and greets us with a beaming smile each day. Thank you for brightening my day Megan. 



Devon & Oli 

Positivity & Independence 

During this very busy week at school, both Devon and Oli have shown great independence; they have completed the tasks that have been set and then gone on to challenge each other by creating their own number work. They have also been very positive and shown lots of enthusiasm with their reading, sharing books and having super discussions about them. Thank you boys for your super efforts this week. 

Special Mention Michael 


I would like to thank Michael for his helpfulness. As we were walking through the hall, I noticed that Michael picked up a piece of paper that some had left behind and he put it in the bin. Thank you for helping to keep our school tidy, well done!