Learners of the Week ending 12th October


Megan - for trying to push herself to raise her hand and share her thoughts and ideas with the class.

Perran - for showing great attention to detail in his Independent writing, well done.

Special Mention

Evan - for trying his best to focus on his school work.

Finlay - after a difficult week Finlay got on with his school work really well, we're proud of you.



Aimee - Aimee is just a fabulous member of the Penguins class. She can be relied upon to follow all the virtues at all times. She is a diligent worker, who listens and follows instructions very well. She is also a kind hearted girl, who shows great respect to everyone. Aimee is orderly and independent and growing into a very mature young lady. She follows such a great number of virtues all the time that its impossible to list them all!!

Masie - Masie really impressed Mrs Clargo this week with her independence and creativity in her writing. The Penguins have been writing evacuee letters, and not only did Masie work incredibly diligently on her own, she also wrote a thoughtful letter that really expressed how an evacuee might have felt. Her ideas were wonderful and very well written.



Cruz – For remaining determined and focused this week. Cruz has tried really hard with his listening skills and focus on the carpet. Cruz produced some fantastic independent writing yesterday.

Winnie – For superb, creative writing yesterday. Winnie’s confidence shone through and I’m very proud of her achievements.

Special mention for Emelia - for showing the virtue of positivity this morning when coming into school.. She has had a positive outlook on her learning, been very focused and has had a go at her activities with independence. A great start to her day, I hope this continues next week.



Megan – For showing the virtue of determination, she constantly challenges herself, works hard and always tries to her best. She has amazed me this week with her independent writing of dazzling sentences, one of which said “In the deep dark forest a beautiful princess was singing to the animals gracefully near the bushes”. Well done Megan, keep up the hard work, we are all really proud of you!

Alfie – Amazes me with his joyfulness every single day! From the moment he comes into school to the time he leaves he has the most beaming smile I’ve ever seen. He approaches every task with excitement and always tries his best. It is a pleasure to teach Alfie and it is lovely to see him enjoying Year 2. Keep up that positive attitude Alfie! Well done.



Abigail & Freya: I am so pleased and proud of how Abigail and Freya quietly work away at all of the tasks and new learning each day. Without making a fuss and not ones who are necessarily comfortable with being conspicuous in a group, both girls always commit themselves to working hard and conscientiously. Well done to both of you!



Alby - Alby has work enthusiastically with numbers this week. He has used his courage to share his ideas and we have seen his confidence grow. Well done!

Michael - We have been really impressed by Michael’s commitment to his learning, he has managed his time well and completed the independent tasks give to him. We are very proud of him, well done!