Learners of the Week ending 12th July

Sorry, missed the photo opportunity this week - Mr H

Jenson – has worked hard this week, creating a particularly fabulous piece of work in Thursdays literacy lesson showcasing his determination and was the most writing I have ever seen him produce. He also showed great perseverance on Friday during maths learning about decimals and was proud of his accomplishments and progress to complete the session independently. Well done Jenson. 

Joseph – has had a fantastic week and even managed to get onto the shooting star before lunch on Thursday. His understanding of the complicated maths concept on decimals in the session was phenomenal yet he showed great humility and modesty over this. I’m sure Miss Giddings will be impressed with your skills in Year 5.

Jude and Ava - we have been working really hard in class to create non-chronological reports about a country of our choice in Europe.  Both these two took the time to do some in-depth research and then use this to create some adventurous and interesting sentences for this report.  They are reports that you would want to read as they engage the reader.  Well done to both. 

Special Mention to:
Masie - Masie was LOW 2 weeks ago for her improved focus. This week we have really spotted her focusing extra hard when practising telling the time. Great work Masie, keep it up.
Last week:
Jenson - making good choices at break and lunchtime. Being kind to his peers and taking on good
responsibility with hisbehaviour choices. Jenson has shown kindness and helpfulness towards the adults in the room.
Deacon -  improved behaviour choices, focusing well on his work and taking on the advice from adults and making the right choice. He has shown much respect towards adults. This is fantastic to see.
This week:
Zack B - always working extremely hard during lessons, follows school rules exceptionally well and always willing to take on advice from adults in the room to take his learning to the next stage.  
Riley - for being resilient with his learning and always showing determination even when learning is a real challenge. This week we have noticed Riley trying extremely hard to share verbal responses whilst on the carpet. You have also shown fantastic listening skills during lesson and helped explain instructions to the rest of the class.