Learners of the Week ending 11th October

11th October 2019


Ava LW has been showing the virtues of readiness and determination. She is always ready to learn and setting a positive example to others around her. Ava is always one of the first children in her carpet space nad is quick to get on with any tasks set in an enthusiastic manner. This week she has been really challenging herself in her writing and has been carefully using commas between adjectives. Well done Ava!

Beau has been showing the virtues of orderliness and enthusiasm. This week he has really focussed on his behaviour and ensure he is making sensible decisions. For example, yesterday he carefully considered waiting when there were lots of other children getting their whiteboards from their trays to ensure no one would get hurt. He has also been trying really hard to join in with our sessions on the carpet. Keep it up!

Matthew has been showing the virtues of perseverance and resilience. He has been relishing our maths challenges this week and has show fantastic determination to complete them, ensuring he shows his growth mind-set when he makes any errors. His fantastic positive attitude always shines through and he is a brilliant model for his peers. Thank-you Matthew.



Jessica – for showing a greater awareness of her responsibilities as a learner and as a team member, well done Jessica.

Nathaniel - for polishing the virtue of responsibility towards his learning and our classroom expectations. Well done Nathaniel.



Nellie - Commitment
Nellie has delighted us with her attitude to learning. She is always incredibly positive and willing to ‘have a go’. Nellie shows great determination to practise and develop her understanding and skills. Her commitment to her learning is evident at home and school, we really enjoyed reading Nellie’s story which she had brought into school. Thank you.

Stanley - Enthusiasm
Stanley is very happy to get involved with his learning, he is thoughtful and shows great enthusiasm. Stanley listens carefully to advice and will always put in a lot of effort to improve and develop his understanding and skills. Thank you Stanley

Jacob - Special mention - Commitment
Jacob has been practising his reading at home, his mum and dad and the adults in school are very pleased with his commitment and positive attitude to learning. A great start to Year 1, well done Jacob.