Learners of the Week ending 11th January


Annabelle - for always making good choices, using wonderful manners and being considerate to others. We're all very proud of you.

Ruby - For coming back to school after the holiday with a superb attitude. You have taken part in all activities with great enthusiasm, well done.

Perran - After having a difficult time in the run up to the holiday Perran has returned to school with a very positive attitude. At times he has found the hustle and bustle of school a challenge, but he has spoken to various members of staff and looked to us for support. He has handled this difficult time with great maturity, well done.

Special Mentions - all children who worked so hard on their biomes, the resources collected from home have been wonderful resulting in outstanding biomes. Great work!



William - William has made a really positive start to this term. He has made some mature choices in the playground and has shown a good attitude towards his learning. Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele would like to say a big well done to William- He must keep this up! Well done!

Amber - Amber has worked hard this week and has shown great resilience, especially in certain areas of maths that she has found a little tricky this week- this is nothing unusual for her! Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele would like Amber to keep this up and congratulate her on her determination to always do her best- well done, Amber!



Ava - Ava is constantly wanting to find out more!  This week alone she has brought in a 4 page evacuee story, which was fantastically well written and included lots of our new year 3 features.  We then sent home a homework grid for the term, of which she has completed three of the activities already.  Well done Ava, keep it up.

Alanna - Mrs Clargo chose Alanna this week as she has noticed that Alanna is a very kind and helpful girl after swimming.  Each week she has helped Izzy with her shoes, without question and this is just one example of her kind nature. 

Max - It has been lovely to see Max's enthusiasm come through this week, especially when we have been talking about our new topic, Egyptians.  On Thursday we started to think about mummies, and in teams, wrapped each other up as a mummy! It was such fun and was so lovely to see Max joining in and working so well with his team mates. 



Taylor - for developing in the virtue of confidence. Taylor is no longer the shy and retiring character that he was at the start of year 2. He is really coming out of his shell and showing us his cheeky sense of humour, his ability to answer in depth questions and his love for learning. Keep it up Taylor. 



Isaac – For showing diligence in his handwriting. He is constantly trying to improve and always takes care with his writing. He listens to feedback and is persistant with his efforts. Well done Isaac, keep it up.

Theo – For his determination this week in Literacy. Since Theo came back after Christmas he has been trying extremely hard to improve his writing, by making sure it is neat and remember to use finger spaces. Well done Theo, keep it up!

Saffron – For her confidence in Maths this week. This week Saffron has believed that she can do it and that has given her the confidence to give it a go. She has also asked for help when she hasn’t understood which has taken a lot of confidence. Well done Saffron, keep it up, you can do maths!



Bella - Confidence & Commitment- We are very pleased with the positive attitude to learning that Bella is showing. She is more confident and committed to her work and is putting in lots of effort, well done.

Eadie - Perseverance & Diligence- Eadie showed great perseverance and diligence when weaving this week. She completed her weaving with great care and attention to detail and then she went on to help others, well done.