Learners of the Week ending 10th May


Ryan B and Austin – for modelling fantastic learning behaviour in Cornish this week. Mr Webb was very impressed how you showed responsibility and maturity. Keep it up!



Benji and Stefano - Both these boys have amazed the staff this week with their scientific planning and reasoning skills.  Year 3 are currently studying plants and within this we are investigating the conditions plants needs to grow.  The boys were able to make a sensible prediction about what would happen when cress was placed in a dark room, but more importantly why?  They were able to draw upon their prior knowledge and understanding about plants and living creatures in order to justify their reasoning.  Likewise in DT we are currently planning to make some greenhouses.  Again, both the boys have thought long and hard about how to make their greenhouse most efficient, even discussing the merits of adding additional materials for insulation.  Superb thinking boys, keep it up.



Alfie - Always working hard in class and is a quiet but conscientious member of the class. Alfie this has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate how hard you work in each session. 

Darcy - We are super impressed how hard you work in lessons and are always persevering with your work. Not only this but you are always keen to improve you work and happy to edit your work. Well done Darcy!

Leo - Super impressed to see you ensuring that someone else could participate in Flora Day. Very kind thing to do and this just shows how kind you are to others in class. 



All of the Butterflies for showing commitment, courage, dedication, enthusiasm, excellence and unity during our Flora Day dance. They made me extremely proud! Thank you Butterflies!

Thomas - for showing bravery and courage when he had to have an operation. It's lovely to have you back with us Thomas.