Home Learning

Welcome to this area of the website designed to support you and your child with their learning at home.

During the following weeks, we will be updating this dedicated home learning area.

Work for your child will continue to be set and feedback given when relevant, on google classroom, in the coming weeks as well as including advice that we receive from government.

This is a worrying and difficult time for everyone, but we shall endeavour to make the best of what is a very tough situation for our pupils and the wider community. It goes without saying that we find ourselves in pretty remarkable and uncertain times again. More than anything I hope that any impact the COVID-19 situation has on you, your friends and your family is minimal but mainly positive.

Contacting Us

During what is an unsettling time for everyone, can we thank you for your support and kind words. We are available if you would like to contact the school with questions or if there is anything else we can do to support you and your family. Please contact us through the email addresses here;



Last week work was set for every child, the ideas in each google classroom are to support you at home with your child’s learning. Activities are set to reinforce and practice basic skills of reading, writing and maths. There may be some activities that focus on the learning in this term’s topic / theme. There are enough ideas to keep children busy for at least a couple of hours a day but we understand if not everything can be completed! Please feel free to encourage your child to learn anything else you would like to engage in based on these initial ideas and share these with us. It is also important to remember that there are many things that cannot be taught in school and you have the opportunity to focus on these whilst you are at home together. There will be times

We will expect all children who are well enough, to engage in their learning at home and invite you to share this with us. Send in photos and we will share these with staff and put them on your child’s google classroom if you permit us. In addition once your child logs into their class they will be able to communicate with us through this too.

Have a routine

It might help you to have a set routine at home to help ensure that your child knows when it is learning time or free time. You can set this up to suit all your family’s needs to allow everyone to get their work done. Below is a suggested idea of a timetable for a possible home learning day and is loosely based on a school day.

9.00am - 9.30am - Phonics, reading & spellings

9.30am - 10.30am - Maths

11.00 - 12.00 - Literacy

PM - Topic/Creative & Fun Learning

3pm - Share a story


Reading At Home

In school we teach your child phonics to help with them learning to read and write, but often the success of their learning is whether or not they have a love of reading. The best way to do this is read lots and lots and lots!!!

Reading to your child and with your child aims…

  • To encourage a love of reading,
  • To develop fluency and independence,
  • To develop comprehension and understanding,
  • To develop a wide reading repertoire

When reading at home with your child…

  • Try to build time into your daily routine
  • Have a set space you can read in
  • Remember, hearing your child read a book and reading to your child are important

Please help us encourage a love of reading in your child. The following websites can be reached following the links provided and offer a range of ideas and activities so EVERY child can be a reader.

For reluctant readers and those with dyslexia try the website at Every child can be a reader - Barrington Stoke

The National Literacy Trust Words for Life | National Literacy Trust | Words for Life website provides parents, children and young people with activities and support to improve their language, literacy and communication skills from home.

The BookTrust HomeTime hub has been developed for families with children at home, and is packed with reading advice, ideas and resources. Time at home is a great opportunity to find inspiration in books, discover a new habit, and uncover a new passion.

Follow #BookTrustHomeTime and #UnitedByBooks on social media for new content every day. Follow the link below to their website;

BookTrust: Getting children reading | BookTrust


Additional Learning Resources

Our Additional Learning Resources list features extra-curricular learning resources available on the TV and internet. From the BBC's educational programmes to workout classes and interactive games - there is something for everyone!

BBC: To support students, parents/carers and schools during the third national lockdown, the BBC will roll out the biggest education offer in its history, delivering programmes and information across BBC Two, CBBC, BBC Red Button, BBC iPlayer, and BBC websites.

BBC Bitesize has lots of easy-to-follow lessons for home learning, as well as collections of resources for all ages.

You can help your child keep up with lessons in Maths and English. Developed by educational consultants, these Learning at Home lessons are curriculum-based and self-contained.

Go to the BBC Bitesize homepage, click on Start a Lesson, and choose your year group.

You can also get stuck in with collections of educational resources hand-picked from BBC Bitesize and the wider BBC, including collections for other subjects such as Science, History and Geography. Primary content is organised by topic or theme to make it easy for you to find.

Just pick the year group and subject to get started.

BBC Bitesize - Click below to access the BBC Bitesize website.

Primary Homework Help | Online Games For Kids - BBC Bitesize

BBC iPlayer - Click below to access radio and TV programmes available on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer - Bitesize Daily

BBC Two - From Monday 11 January, there will be curriculum-based programmes on BBC Two.

Home learning with the BBC in January 2021 - BBC Bitesize

A full schedule for BBC can be found following this link below;


Bitesize’s social media channels will also be there to help. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts focus on parents and teachers, where information including TV schedules will be shared. There will also be articles for parents on supporting their kids learning from home.

In addition:

Keep moving, get outdoors as much as you can ensuring you follow social distancing guidelines, limit screen time and enjoy some family time.

Joe Wicks' PE Lessons: Joe Wicks' famous PE lessons - which captured the nation during the first national lockdown - will make their return on Monday 11 January! Check out Joe Wicks' YouTube channel here.

The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Eden Project at Home

Visit the Eden Project website to be inspired and recreate Eden wherever you are. They have a lovely selection of resources and activity ideas to keep you busy at home. Use the link below;

Resources and inspiration for home learning - Eden Project, Cornwall


Your child can also access mathletics and Times Table Rockstars with their own logins. If you have any difficulties with this please contact us.


Remember this is a very anxious time for everyone, your child included. Not only will they will be hearing lots going on around them that they will not understand which in itself is scary and worrying, but also they will pick up on the tension and anxiety of their trusted adults. Times will become more challenging as the weeks go forward, sometimes their anxiety will show through behaviour issues not normally seen. At times there may be more meltdowns, more tantrums, more arguments but this is normal and to be expected in these circumstances that are far from normal. Our children need our love and care at present, they need reassurance that everything is going to be okay and to feel connected with loved ones. My advice would be to focus on the fun stuff and on being together safe and well. Get creative, inside and out in the garden as much as possible, play, bake, paint, sing, and laugh lots.


We will keep in touch but please also make contact with us.



Take care and keep well