The Foundation Stage at Parc Eglos School

Here at Parc Eglos School we have a highly skilled team of Early Years Teachers and Teaching Assistants, who have a sound understanding of early child development and a great deal of experience working with this age group.

Teaching and Learning in our Reception classes is directed by the Early years Foundation Stage Framework. This provides a framework for all practitioners working with children from birth to five years old and offers guidance on providing the best quality care and education for young children.

It covers the seven Areas of Learning, which include the three Prime Areas of Learning:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

It also covers the four Specific Areas of Learning:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

In addition to addressing all seven Areas of Learning our curriculum is designed to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning:

Playing and Exploring – Engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Being willing to have a go


Active Learning – Motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking

Having their own ideas

Making Links

Choosing ways to do things

We provide a balance between adult-led and child-initiated experiences in both our indoor and outdoor learning environments. Children are supported in their development through play and exploration opportunities, short carpet sessions, and adult-guided work.

Although the curriculum remains very play based, the balance shifts gradually through the year towards more activities led by adults as the year goes on. 

In addition to the activities planned by the adults, the children are offered plenty of opportunities to direct their own learning and staff are highly skilled in observing the children and recognising opportunities to support and extend children's ideas.

The environment and activities inside and outside are carefully planned to promote learning, so while it may look as though the children are ‘just playing’, actually they are learning all the time. Our timetable allows for long periods of ‘free flow’ independent play where children can access inside and outside learning, which enables them to become deeply involved in their learning.

A predominant part of the EYFS philosophy is that children are continuously able to access high quality learning opportunities outdoors. We are fortunate enough to have a large outdoor area, including a balcony decking area outside the classrooms, a garden and woodland area, as well as a large playground. We dedicate at least three afternoons per week to outdoor learning, which usually takes place in the woodland area. Children have the opportunity to develop skills through stimulating and challenging activities such as den building, which help to develop problem solving, collaboration and persistence, along with supporting many other areas of learning and development.

At Parc Eglos school, alongside our teacher assessments, we use Tapestry Online Learning Journal to track children’s experiences, building a special record of children’s learning and development. It is also a wonderful way of communicating with parents, who are able to view online their child’s progress, see how much fun they’re having,  whilst also uploading their own comments and media.

All information held in the platform is stored securely and can be downloaded and shared as required. 

Further information about the Early Years Foundation Stage, Tapestry Online Journal, starting school and other documents can be found under our ‘Useful Links’ tab.