Flora Day

Each year the children of the school are invited to participate in the Flora dance in early May. They dance through the town, the girls wearing the traditional red and yellow flowers in their hair, to the music of the Flora dance played by the town band. The event is held every year on May 8th unless that day falls on a Sunday or Monday, when it is held on the preceding Saturday.


Dress Code:


White dress (no colour at all)

White socks (long or short)

White shoes/plimsolls (no colour at all)

Head-dress made from small poppies & buttercups

White gloves (optional)

White cardigan (optional)

Spray of Lily of the Valley (see note below)


White shorts/trousers

White long sleeved shirt

White socks

White plimsolls (no colour at all)

Red school tie

White cardigan/jumper (optional)

Spray of Lily of the Valley (see note below)