EYFS Intention statement

EYFS Intent Statement

At Parc Eglos, our EYFS curriculum is designed to provide motivating first-hand experiences, encouraging children to build resilience, ambition and a lifelong love of learning. The Characteristics of Effective teaching and learning are embedded in everything that we do. We seek to create a sense of enjoyment and interest through highly stimulating learning environments, both indoors and outside, and through our locality, helping to broaden the children’s experiences and relish new challenges.

Our curriculum is child centred and we follow the interests and fascinations of the children. We build on the wealth of knowledge and skills children already have when they arrive and we actively work in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals to provide the best possible start for all children in our care. We build strong relationships which encourage and support a child’s curiosity, helping to develop confidence, independence and creativity to ensure each child flourishes regardless of starting points or needs. We recognise that all children are unique, celebrating and welcoming differences within our school community; we celebrate our Cornish identity and support the children to develop a sense of place as a citizen in the wider world.  

Through our approach we ensure that we are preparing our children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for the next stage of their learning. This is so important as we know what our children learn in these vital first years of life will stay with them forever and that optimising children's early education is the best investment we can make in ensuring their future success.

The best for every child

Our ambitious and inclusive approach to early education ensures that all children’s needs are met, giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

High quality care

Children’s experiences are central to their learning and development. All staff members form strong and positive relationships to ensure that the children feel valued, safe and well cared for.

The curriculum: what we want the children to learn

Language development and communication skills are central to our curriculum. We ensure that we deliver the seven areas of learning in a responsive and thoughtful way, carefully sequencing learning to take place over time, resulting in a greater depth of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Pedagogy: helping children to learn

We employ a range of approaches to support children's learning, including self-initiated play, guided learning, direct teaching and modelling and thoughtful intervention. 

Our well-planned learning environments, both indoors and outside promote and extend meaningful learning experiences. 

Assessment: checking what children have learnt

Our highly skilled practitioners are tuned into the children, noticing what they can do and what they know.

We ensure that our assessments are purposeful and inform future planning to meet the needs of all children.

Self-regulation and executive function

The development of language is crucial to the development of these abilities; positive relationships and playful learning support this. Executive function skills include an ability to focus attention, hold information in mind and plan ahead. 

These abilities help children to self-regulate. All of these skills are central to a child’s ability to learn effectively in the early years and beyond.

Partnership with parents

We develop strong and respectful partnerships with parents and carers in order to help our children thrive. By working collaboratively, we are able to meet the needs of every child and their family

We encourage parents to help and support their child at home as it has a very significant impact on learning. We encourage all parents to chat, play and read to their children.