21st October 2022

1st October 2022

Pupils of the Week 21st October 2022


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Ezra Courage – Reading his autumn leaf poem in front of the whole class!

Livvy Enthusiasm & Joyfulness – finding a love for writing and being proud of her writing.

Olivia A – Read of the Week Super expression and comprehension, finding answers in the text.  




Darcy- Kindness- We have noticed Darcy’s kindness towards others and her very polite manners, she is a lovely person to spend time with. Darcy has also impressed us with her writing again this week. Super effort, well done! 

Trudy – Positivity- We are delighted by Trudy’s positivity; she has a super attitude to learning and is always keen to do her best. During our phonics sessions this week, Trudy has impressed us with her segmenting for spelling. Well done! 

Reader of the week- Arthur - Arthur is a confident reader and he shows a super understanding of the books he reads. Well done!


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Orla – Excellence – Amazing recall of Jewish special items and their proper names.

Abel – Determination – After a tricky RE Pop task, Abel had another go and remembered so many details.

Reader of the Week – Stephanie – Amazing progress with her fluency and prosody in our group reading sessions.


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This week our learners of the week are... THE WHOLE CLASS!!!!!!! I was blown away with their independent writing this week and I couldn't be prouder of them for their hard work, not only this week, but the whole term. Thank you Butterflies, you're all amazing!


My reader of the week is Lillie for sharing daily stories with her younger brother and her new baby brother who is only a week old. Lillie, you are a super big sister, well done!

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Cohen & Eben – For the most amazing teamwork when making their magnetic game.  The outcome was fabulous because they worked so well together.

Hattie – Special Mention – Making positive behavior choice.


Sawyer – Such a hard-working member of the class who demonstrates good listening and follows instructions.

Alba – Always tries her best and perseveres.

Zachary – Supporting others in the reading intervention.



Sam S for his great enthusiasm for writing.

Mariella – for being so focused and engaged with our learning.

Theodore – for his amazing perseverance with purple polishing.



Bodhi for being so committed and focused with all of his work – no matter the subject or the challenge!

Alfie B for being so committed and mature with his learning, managing his work space so that he could commit his focus!

Reader of the Week – Bella for putting so much consistent effort in her daily reads!



Sam F so hard working and always keen to learn and to challenge himself.

Daisy – hugely resilient and a real bundle of energy for learning (even researching more at home)

Special Mention - Elijah & Megan both really working hard.



Jorgie-Bea for independence. Jorgie-Bea has been surprising herself with her maths this week. From telling me she can't do maths at the start of the year, Jorgie has been trying really hard and getting loads of our classwork correct independently. Believe in yourself Jorgie because you are doing really well!


Zander for diligence with his spellings. Zander has been improving his spellings scores weekly this half term and we are really impressed with the effort he is putting in. Keep applying that in your independent writing too Zander - I can't wait to see what you can achieve, well done.


Reader- Sebastian R. It is delightful listening to all of the intonation and expression he uses when reading! Mum was also extremely proud that he picked up and read a whole book independently this week - great attitude!


Times tables rock stars -

  • The ‘Rockstar’ for effort Ashley F
  • The 'Class Rockstar' – Riley




Riley, Stephanie, Callum – for fantastic effort with their poetry this week.


Corey for his resilience in maths this term which has led to great progress.  He has also been very aware of what he needs to do.




Max and Ollie for amazing behaviour throughout the term, for following instructions with thought and care and for super work at all times.